there is only one found worthy.



S : 245 6 x 4
FS : 185 5 x 4
D : 185 3 x 8



I’ve always questioned the reasons for these feelings.

“Now I’m digging up a grave, from my past. I’m a whole different person. It’s a gift and a curse, but I cannot reverse it.”

If they felt good then it was bad to reject them. If they felt bad then it was good to reject them.

Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.”

Does it feel good or bad to be an asshole? Honestly it feels bad. But that doesn’t matter, the required strength exists in that image and you bet I will extract every last drop of value. And it does feels good to get what you want, but that doesn’t matter. No one can tell that you’re stealing if you put on a poker face. Why would robbery be any different?

My Hero Academia


“You can’t help what your heart longs for.”

“What’s wrong is wanting to do something you are unable to do.”

“Look properly at what you want to be!”



“Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!”

The physical pain has always been easier to manage. You can push yourself to get stronger and generally know where the limit is before you are permanently damaging something.

I know what I want and I know what I want to fight for. So why is it so hard to stamp out this indecisiveness? Why is there no sign that something has gone wrong? Is this really the farthest you can push? You’re really just going to sit here and watch, upon this mental plateau?

Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)


“People who are unable to abandon anything will fail to bring about any change. If it’s required to overcome monsters, one must toss aside their humanity. Those who can do so are victorious.”

“He’s a real monster. No matter what power you use to suppress him, no matter what cage you put him in, he will never submit to anyone.”

“I can believe in my own abilities or the choices of companions I trust. But no one ever knows how it will turn out. So choose for yourself whichever decision you’ll regret least.

“I’m strong. Stronger than all of you. I can do it.”

“I won’t give up. I’ll never give up again. If I died, I won’t be able to remember you. So I’ll win, no matter what!

Your Name (2016)


“But I’m sure he met someone and that someone changed him.”

“You’re dreaming now.. aren’t you?”

“I feel like I’m always searching for something, for someone.”

“Her name.. what was it?”

“Wherever you are in the world, I’ll search for you.”

“Don’t you remember me?”

“Who are you? What is your name? Why did I come here?”

“In exchange for returning to this world, you must leave behind what is most important to you.”



BW: 175-180

B: 215 x 3 / 135 x 5 close grip
S: 285 x 2, 275 x 3 / 225 x 5 paused / 205 x 5 box / 135 x 4 front
D: 205 x 3 paused / 205 x 3 sumo paused
C/O: 95 x 5

“You’re weak. That’s why you can’t protect the things important to you.”

B. Commit. Lightweight. Failure is not an option.

“Set a tone of intolerance for anything that gets in the way of winning.”

S. Drive hips halfway up. Keep overloading

“One salvation alone remains to the defeated: to hope for none.”

D. Wedgies

“People who are unable to abandon anything, will fail to bring about any change.”

C/O. Drive through heels and shrug shoulders

Lima Oscar Victor Echo


“I say my goodbyes to this world as the shadows lengthen but never meet. My wish, my light.”

“I was searching for new lands to gaze upon.”

“Let us share this single promise to call only each other’s names, to share only each other’s happiness,
to trust only each other’s words, to embrace only each other’s pains.”

“If there exists a place in this world where we can meet again someday, then promise me you won’t forget about me, about the truth.”

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


“You do not fear death. You think this makes you strong. It makes you weak.”

“How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible, without the most powerful impulse of the spirit? The fear of death.”

“The leap to freedom is not about strength.”

“You’re afraid that if I go back out there, I’ll fail.”

No. I’m afraid that you want to.

Batman Begins (2005)


Finders Keepers.

“You know why they attacked you, don’t you? They were afraid of you.”

“All creatures feel fear.”

“It was my fault. If I hadn’t gotten scared..”

“You have learned to bury your guilt with anger. I will teach you to confront it and to face the truth.”

“My anger outweighs my guilt.”

“Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?”

“You must become more than just a man in the mind of your opponent.”

“To manipulate the fear in others you must first master your own.”

“It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.”

“Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

You still haven’t given up on me?