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For the majority of my life, I’ve always planned my next step. I’ve just learned (from all my time dedicated to chess) that even when it’s your move, the only thing you really do is plan your next sequence of moves. You don’t take action without having a plan. Why? Because there’s no sense of direction if you do so. You’re not getting closer to your goal. You’re wasting TIME. However, as I’ve spent more time thinking about time, a familiar question crosses my mind. When does it stop? When do we finally reach our goal and when can we finally enjoy our present(time) without thinking about the “next thing”?

Okay, I have more than one question. Bear with me. It might take some time, but I’ll quit asking questions eventually. And stop trying to find excuses to type “time”. Anyways, I have plenty of questions but I’ll take this approach.

Why do we fear wasting time? What is so bad about enjoying the moment? The present is fleeting and will become the past. The steps we’ve taken in life are behind us. We’re already looking towards the future like its an endless flight of stairs. Maybe it’s because this step we’re on is kind of rocky and we might fall back down. Maybe it’s because if we could just reach that step up there, the one that looks nice and polished and shiny, then we can finally be glad to sit down to “waste some time” there.

See, there’s something inside us that is waiting. We’re waiting patiently, thinking about our next step. But then we hear that “tick, tock”. The clock is ticking. Time is running out. We can’t afford to waste any time. The present doesn’t impress us so naturally the only thing to think about is either the past or the future..

What are you waiting for? Is it a person? An event? What is it that you search for? Is it something greater? Something different? What could you possibly find that would make “time stop”? That would enable you to enjoy the moment? Even the best possible moment you can think of, would you want to stay there..forever?

There’s only one I can think of spending forever with. Why? Because I have found someone that made sense of TIME. Showed me both the bottom and top of the staircase. Said this..

“I am the Beginning and the End.”

testing .replace()


var firstPost = "this is my first post";
var secondPost = "this ismysecond post";

var test = [];

  console.log(m.indexOf(" ") ? m.replace(/\s/gi,"KAPPA") : null);


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So I finally overcame my stubbornness and installed wordpress. I was previously going to build my own blog from scratch, thinking I would learn a lot more. And I would have. But I don’t have the time for that and I have better stuff to learn right now.