Usually before you decide to go somewhere for an extended period of time you want some kind of idea of what it will be like. It’s scouting ahead and making sure stuff is real. You’ll be able to see the things you like, point out the things you don’t like, and experience the possibilities that exist.

As you walk on a sunny day alongside buildings with shiny, transparent window walls you might glimpse an entire spectrum of images. One of the first images you probably notice is your reflection. It’s staring back at you and you can’t really control it separately. What I mean is, your reflection will continue to mimic all of your future actions. It obviously shows you what you’re currently doing. But you can’t freeze time and make your reflection do something else. Take a step forward, it will take a step forward. Take a step back, it will take a step back. You can’t really change your reflection either. You might wish it had looked a certain way by now. You could imagine what it would be like if you had done certain things in the past. But it remains the same. You can try to distort your reflection by going up and smudging the clear glass. You can hide one section of the building and block it off from your view with a large opaque wall. You could also look away and pretend it’s not there. That way it won’t look at you either. Right?

As I reflect, I realize there is a second image. I focus my gaze inside my chosen building. Let’s just say there are a bunch of things I want inside there. And I mean, I’ve seen the other buildings. Some of them don’t even have windows. Others have small windows. A couple have similar windows as my building. But.. they are different. First of all, it’s freaking scary because my reflections are doing something different when I look at the other buildings. They’re all pointing and looking towards my building. Second, they’ve got automatic, motion detector doors. I could just walk right in and sit myself down. But I don’t think I’d want to live there. Lastly, the important difference about the other buildings. I’m not able to focus on the second image. All that’s in focus is my reflection.

Oops. I need to re-focus.