I don’t really like when people try to use you as evidence and context to support their argument without at least an attempt at reconciliation beforehand. It kind of feels like betrayal when they take your story to tell and try to publish it as something different, or worse, the opposite. While it doesn’t necessarily change my feelings or relationship, I feel more comfortable when my plans do not reconcile with theirs.

There’s no bad blood on my end but I predict they will assume I do have some. And that’s where they will be blinded by their emotion. Cold-blooded, heartless, cut-throat. I’m sorry but it’s my duty in a competition and I will get the job done. How do people expect to hurt you, much less know where to attack, when they’re not willing to take the time to reconcile, understand, and know/love you? I’ll play along with their story. I feel a little bit of pain to be part of the process to build up their stronghold and then tear the completed structure, in all its beauty, to the ground when it’s time to do so. Pick it apart piece by piece and dissect every last glimmer of hope. I still don’t think they’ll see or understand when it’s finished. Especially when there’s no effort at a reconciliation, I’ll make sure the end result reconciles with my story. In a competition, it’s the only reconciliation I know.