four letters

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

Day by day. Week by week. I feel like people are always looking forward to the end of the day. Or looking forward to the weekend. Or looking forward to “Insert future date here“. As if they will suddenly enjoy the future. This isn’t a bad thing. The future does hold hope. But you will never experience the fruition of that hope living like that. It is temporary. It will pass. It will fade. It will be blown away like a wisp of air. You think you’re grasping happiness and joy when that day comes. And then it flees from you. H. O. P. E. I get that. I have that. What am I not getting? What do I need to have? What do I need to learn?

Dear Will,

    1. Hope is good. But there will come a day when something greater replaces it. And on that day, if hope is all that gave you happiness and joy then something is wrong. And you know that. So start living like it.
    2. You wonder why power is not given to you. The power to accomplish your hopes. You don’t understand the point of hope. You don’t understand what is greater. You don’t understand what will endure.