“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

What use is a key if you never use it? In other words, the doors are closed and you don’t foresee going to that place anytime soon? Like there’s no point in keeping a key if you’re just waiting for the circumstance to appear in which you need it.

I gave away the keys I no longer need or use and the weight of my key chain is so much lighter. I don’t really see the benefit of carrying them around. The irony is if you get rid of a key you’re unable to use it actually unlocks more than before.

Unlocking opportunities – what would be the point if someone held a master key? Would you have to use it on every single door? What’s so special? There’s plenty of doors. And more than one key. For example, you can pick the lock, you can pry it open with force, you can kick it open, whatever. But first you need to walk up to the door. Then knock. Or ring the doorbell. Maybe even create your own door.

Hell, wipe the dust off your feet and pick up the doormat. Create the keys that you need.