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“If they insist on a fight, I will oblige them.”

Fight or flight.

“Today we fight each other. Tomorrow, we may fight together.”

Who knows?

“Shall we begin?”

In time.

“Even heaviest door can be opened.”

With the right muscles.

“The heart is the strongest muscle.”



“Time is not on your side!”

You’re right. It’s in front of me.

“Never had luck. Never needed it.”

However much time it takes. That’s what I’ll need.

“I already calculated your odds. Sorry.”

It’s not even. It’s not even close. I’ve got plenty up my sleeve.

“I finish what I start.”

Press play.

“Doubt me – I love that.”

I didn’t quite hear that. Does time emit a sound?

“Not quitting until it’s right!”

Not leaving until it’s left. But, it will be right.

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“Focus on the problem, not the solution.”

Problem: Which one is better?
Solutions: { Problem , Solution , Problem and Solution , Problem or Solution , Problem but not Solution , Solution but not Problem , Nothing , Everything }

Every problem has a different solution set. If you’re trying to look for solutions to your problem … then you obviously don’t understand the problem and its specific solution set. Without the problem, its solution does not exist.

People like to talk about probability. They ramble, “What are the chances of it working out?” They question themselves, “What am I going to do if it fails?” They answer themselves, “This is what I’ll do if it succeeds.”

This. Is the problem. Who cares? Why do people talk like this?

Eyes on the prize. You know what you want. Do not convince yourself that you’re unsure.

Do not deny it. You can’t even.
Defy it. All odds.

It’s all prob-ability.



“Trust nothing but your strength.”

A strength that can defeat your lack of trust.

“Pain is nothing.”

The cold will numb it. And warmth will soothe it.

“I will not hide behind another shield.”

Fresh wounds can heal your scars.

“Fight or make room for those who will.”



“In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet.”




“Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?”

I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet…but

Who are you? Who is I AM?



“Don’t you trust me?”

No. Too frank a response? Here: No, I don’t trust anyone.

“No one will stand in my way.”

Even if you had nine lives and I but one, I will still double my efforts. Will I not spring back and stand up again? Fall comes and goes year after year.

“How tempting.”

Defeat seeks to seduce a whole army of hope. I will not allow a single soldier to engage in such infidelity.

“It’s too late for mercy.”

True. For both of us. War is hell.

“Tell me a secret.”

Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.



“Beware a man with nothing to lose.”

What is lost will be found.

“Only cowards flee their fate.”

Where is there to run?

“When you dance with death, lead.”

May I have this dance?



There’s a delicate balance between madness and sound judgement. A tad too much anger and the scale plummets, sending judgement flying into the air. Too much judgement and a necessary enthusiasm is cruelly outweighed. When you even the scales that means you are able to balance both. Is it easy or hard?

I witnessed.. something.. easy? Hard? Let’s go with.. interesting. Actually, I’m biased: let’s call it dumb. Why do people not bother to think about things every once and a while? It’s like.. IF ONLY you would think ONCE AND A WHILE, as in maybe once a day..too much? Once a week? Please..

If there’s one thing that makes me angry, it’s seeing weights at the gym not re-racked. Like this is the most inefficient practice that could ever exist and I absolutely detest the filthy little gremlins and trolls that do this and then disappear and go stick their head in a hole somewhere.

Is someone finished with it and failed to re-rack because they have no respect for the human race? Or are they finished with a set and have simply went for a quick water break? Restroom break? Okay.. a guy sat down. But this.. this is on a whole new level. This guy.. I don’t even have the patience to describe.. He’s on his phone.. Playing candy crush? Texting a message in binary? WHAT IS HE DOING..? Oh, he was just texting his friend. 225, makes sense to have a spotter. Haha, funny jokes. Yeah, I’m sure your life is really interesting. Alright, cut the chit chat you lovebirds. Can you (insert derogatory term)s please hurry up? It’s been 20 minutes. I mean, c’mon. FINALLY. It’s about time. I don’t even care anymore to be honest, I’m just watching this because it’s absolutely hilari..ous…

There was this bench that wasn’t re-racked and some guy shows up after 5 minutes in order to sit there and play with his phone for 10 minutes. Friend shows up and they listen to music and talk for another 10 minutes. First guy finally lies down to bench 225. He does one rep. His friend helps re-rack the rep and says (with a drawn out emphasis on the E), “Easy.” They both get up and walk away as if they just accomplished some benchmark.

The bench is marked. With disgrace. And, of course.. It’s.. The weights.. What..? Why..? I can’t even.. It’s too hard.