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“You’ve slowly forgotten what really matters to you, what you were once passionate about, how you truly feel about issues, yourself, and others.”

The big picture. Every time you adjust the antenna for other people, your resolution is compromised.

“Oh, if I just adapt and explain and they understand, then everyone will be happy and see there was no problem, no conflict. No war.”

Stop adapting and explaining. You want to be high-definition? Throw away all your damn remote controls. Let go of them. This is your reality TV show. If someone wants to see some cartoons or watch the History Channel instead of what’s on, they can go find another provider. If you need their approval rating, that’s your problem right there.

Yeah, the image might still be blurry right now. You want a new resolution and high quality? You’re going to have to work and pay for what you want.



“There’s no turning back.”

Who needs a map?

“This way.”

Guide me.

“True will cannot be defeated.”

Key word is true.

“This battle will be won.”

More like war.

“You rely on your weapons too much; try letting go!”

Much to learn, I still have.

“You got another problem…”



“Sir yes sir!”

“I’m your man.”

“Squared away sir!”

“I’m the best there is.”

“How ’bout some action?”

“Operation underway.”

“They want a scrap?”




“You have a kind of sick desperation in your laugh.”

“I’ll bring us through this. As always. I’ll carry you – kicking and screaming – and in the end you’ll thank me.”

“Losing all hope was freedom.”



Rule 1:

“You don’t talk about fight club.”

Rule 2:

“You don’t talk about fight club.”

Rule 1:

“You don’t ask questions.”

Rule 2:

“You don’t ask questions.”



“Let’s see what they’re made of.”

Vulnerabilities, everywhere.

“The pattern is clear.”

Dismantle the cookie jar of hope and they instantly crumble.

“Hm, this is a fragile species.”

Don’t let your emotions stall the process.

“My presence causes them… distress.”

Again, I stress, break them.

“Tears appear to serve no function.”

Tear them apart.

“I acknowledge your pain.”

No, that is compromising the contract. Make it quick and painless.

“That’s unexpected.”

Tomorrow, you may pick up their pieces.

“Thank you for your… contribution.”



“I am the will of man unbound by flesh.”

It’s a dirty job.

“I will be their undoing.”

I will mine all mistakes and weaknesses.

“You may stare, but your mind may collapse.”

Like coal, it is mine.

“I follow the path to power.”

They are simply a well trodden path.

“Emotions are only distractions.”

Pebbles and rocks have no complaint.

“I will be free.”

Bounty Hunter


“How does hunger feel?”

“Always there.”

“Those who dread us grant us the most power.”

“I smell their fear.”

“Beauty fades. That is why it is beautiful.”

“They break too easy!”

“Tomorrow is a hope, never a promise.”

“No more words!”



A pawn is a piece of the lowest value that is usually moved first. They typically are the first pieces to be captured and they blindly move forward one position. However, on the first move, they can jump two positions.

A lucky pawn that reaches the end of the board can be promoted to any other piece, typically a Queen. Who would have ever known that it was once a little pawn?

They are essential and yet.. disposable.

Would you pawn your life for an opportunity to chase your dream? A chance to jump not two, but six positions? Across the pond.

The pawn shop is never open for business at the right time. The timing seems to always be a little off. Maybe, if.. just, maybe..

Point Blank


“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.”

When people don’t see how wrong they are, show them.

“The mind is quicker than the eye.”

No, teach them.

“I know your thoughts.”

Better yet, destroy them.