Monthly Archives: March 2016



“Stay down! If i wanted it.. you’d be dead already!”


“Breathe in.. that’s fear. You’re not brave. Men are brave.”




Things are shaped differently now.

I could get used to that track jacket. Go with the flow.



Have you lost your mind?

“Think I’m bluffin’?”

Think all you want. Still not an action.

“What are you playin’ at?”

Not playing. This is the execution.

“Dead man walkin’.”

Here lies the person you were yesterday.



You know that game where you stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible? Chubby bunny. Who does that? Who even likes marshmallows that much? You would have to.. love marshmallows.

The next time you find any marshmallow that you’re obsessed with, don’t think about choking. You’re not going to die just because one little marshmallow falls out, or maybe a couple, or maybe all of them.

There is no fear in love. If you want to cultivate love in anything, you’re going to have to get over it. Say it. Just remember. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny.

And you’re gonna have to trust other people with marshmallows. You can’t eat all of them. I mean, you shouldn’t eat all of them. Can you? I mean, what if you.. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny.



Just keep swimming. See, you do have emotions. Or maybe not. Is “unstoppable” an emotion? That’s what I feel. Maybe the emotions are what are unstoppable. Who knows what mysteries the abyss of the ocean contains.

I need to figure out how to stay afloat. A way to make my mind sleep with the fishes. A device to control the pressure when diving deep and a lifesaver when I need to resurface for more oxygen.The timing of the plunge is important. Adrenaline only lasts for so long.. what happens when you run out? You can’t afford to waste a single drop.

Soak and sink like a scrupulous sponge. How do you purge the adrenaline once it permeates your blood? It feels unstoppable.


    The Game of Life.

I think I’ve always known certain games but I didn’t know how or I didn’t want to play.

    The Game of Risk.

I learned early that it’s easy and sometimes more convenient to avoid risk.

“But you playin'”

Damn right I am. Or.. well, nah ;). Both are actually correct. What a weird game, that it has players.

    The Game of Poker

I always thought a poker face was needed to protect yourself. I always thought tight was my style. But you see, it doesn’t really matter what story you tell or what hand you actually hold or what your opponent puts you on.

    The Game of Life.

What matters is that you constantly make bets and bluffs. Because those are actions. It’s not hardball. Small ball.