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Vicarious Failure


First, some context. Now, my thoughts. The article title states: “competition is for losers”. While I agree with some of the points of the article and found most of the content itself interesting, this title bothers me. Loser has a negative connotation in this context and I want it to have a positive one. Mainly because I am a loser. In my mind, that’s not a bad thing. Let me clarify.

Loss, failure, rejection. All of these are fairly common words that bring to mind negative emotions. And they do, for a good reason. They all hurt like hell. They hurt more depending on how much you valued the (blank). I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced these things. What is bothering me most right now are the vicarious people. These are the people who see you, before, during, or after your competition (whatever it may be) and decide to give you some advice or an opinion. These are the people who don’t actually know what it’s like. These are the people that try to convince you because they are qualified to do so. Why? Because they’ve seen other people fail. Okay. They have not just seen other people fail, they’ve seen lots of people fail. Wow, really? These are the people who don’t know what competition is.

Every competition has a loser and a winner. I thought this was an obvious concept. Apparently, the reason some people don’t participate in competition is because it’s not realistic. It’s not realistic to “win”, that is. Anyways, I’m not sure why people have the assumption that if you don’t “win” then its viewed as a failure. Is winning the only goal in a competition? Sure, it’s an important goal but losing has something to offer as well. It feels like you’re losing something you valued. You are and it hurts. There will be pain. Failure is scary. But I’m gonna own it all the way. I can’t learn from a vicarious failure.


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So I finally overcame my stubbornness and installed wordpress. I was previously going to build my own blog from scratch, thinking I would learn a lot more. And I would have. But I don’t have the time for that and I have better stuff to learn right now.